The Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute was incorporated as a charitable organization in 2001. CDFAI is an independent “research institute/think tank” based in Calgary. It pursues new ideas to focus the national debate and understanding of Canada’s international policies with the ultimate aim of ensuring a more globally engaged Canada. CDFAI believes that doing so enhances Canadian security and prosperity. The organization is dedicated to educating Canadians, and particularly those who have leadership roles in shaping Canadian foreign policy, about the importance of Canada always being proactive in world affairs with tangible diplomatic, military and aid assets.

Through its Fellows program, CDFAI has gathered a group of highly experienced and talented individuals with defence, diplomacy and development backgrounds—both academic and practitioners—who support the organization by authoring research papers and responding to media queries. CDFAI also runs conferences and courses, initiates polling, and develops outreach and education projects.

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